Friday, July 28, 2006


Fresh blood, new existence is made by the hour,
A new being, potential to be, but without power,
Venerable, weak, not knowing what’s begun,
But it’s too late from now the hands of time will run.

What were precious moments of those early days?
Are now memories of what’s past, a phase,
Then suddenly you may loose control,
A closed eye is all you need, a sudden fall.

You’ll find yourself ahead of what seemed forever,
A place you thought you would reach, never,
Into life’s harsh grasp you will enter,
In a black whole you’ll find yourself, at the centre
Time will clinch on your flesh so tender,
Your body into its claws you must surrender.

Until one day all will stop, all will end,
Congratulations you’ve gone past the bend,
But now worse than this nightmare you must await,
In the oneness of the grave, the unveiling of your fate.


Blogger Little Penguin said...

you know when you read some poems, you automatically read them in a way, pace and style that just comes to you. For me, this mostly happens in poems that are written in AB-AB form.. with reference to your poem, i started reading it as a song.. a bit fast-paced.. especially in the second and third stanza..

what i particularly liked is the constant shifting from the past to the present and then to the future, especially that the past is predicted and has not in fact happened just yet, if you know what i mean.

what were precious moments of those early days?
are now memories of what's past, a phase,

it's a nice journal of discovery, as you'd say.. well-described and, unlike mine, it's not suggestive of the 'fate' that we're bound to encounter.

12:06 am  
Blogger Sincerity said...

lool a song?? well anyway i value your opinion greatly even though now im starting to worry because most of my poems are written in AB-AB form.. im actually really happy that you read the poem with a faster pace especially in stanza's 2 and 3, this was my intention in order to create the feel that time runs quickly..which is the central theme of the poem, that time has no mercy..and through this idea i presented the shift from whats past to the coming future .. im glad you think its "nice" and im happy to see you got it spot on, seeing as this is the only response i recieved im very happy with it .. thanks, your effort is very much appreciated

12:34 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I also agree with "Little penguin". When I read it, from the 2nd paragragh on, I read it and the further down I go, the faster I read it. I like the ways you've done that.

2:22 pm  

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