Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The living dead

Existence is such a strange, incomprehensible thing,
Happy it can be, yet sorrow it may also bring,
Some watch it pass by, and others may strive,
But I still don’t understand the meaning of life.

Don’t get me wrong, careful, don’t jump to the end,
I don’t question God, or why on this earth us he did send,
I question man’s potential, his potential to be great,
And why we surrender so early, our lives to fate.

A human being has the will to be, to do, to see,
We breathe, the first step to begin to believe,
And if you believe, in you, in me, then you can achieve,
Be aware don’t betray your gift of life, waste it not.


Blogger icek14 said...

with all due respect..
many of us have exam results to come within the next few days now if you have been to my blog you will realise that many of us have finshed or begun to dig our graves....this poem does not make me feel very easy about the situation at hand :P and i urge you to write one about serene blue skies and daisys and birds just to ease of the stress :P! only jking lol it was very good!! keep it up :P!

1:55 am  
Blogger Little Penguin said...

serene stuff? lol.. yea right.. the only serene thing we'll know is the quietness, the solitude of oru graves.. open envelope.. U.. get in grave.. bury yourself and there you'll find serenity..

sincerity, you keep questioning and challenging.. try about some of the answers you have found so far.. or would like to find..

and try writing about Man United.. lol

3:26 am  
Blogger Sincerity said...

loool.... wow i didnt know things had gotten this bad!! i guess you guys are remembering the crap you came up with and wrote on you papers!! trust me i can relate, but can we at least please just try to enjoy whats left of our relatively happy lives before doomsday...

and for future poems icek14 i promise to right a happy one and dedicate it to all those waiting for result day :)

as for little p. lool wow a U?? trust me if you find yourself in that situation just go ahead with the rest of your plan :). i know, iv realised also that most of what i write about, is what im angry about??!! i appreciate the suggestion, even though i dont think iv found any answers yet, i know exactly what i would like to find ... thanks :) lool and as for man u!! loool im probably the biggest criminal in football i dont know anything!! just gimme the world cup.. i actually watch football once every 4 years !! so yea, your new post to me was like reading spanish :)

2:41 pm  
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