Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Moving on,

How does one know when or how to do so?
What is truly buried beneath these words?
The ability to forget? Or to be forgotten?
Letting go, leaving behind what was once so loved?
No, that doesn’t feel, nor sound right,
True and sincere acceptance of fate and approval of it?
Having to accept is never free willed, but inevitably forced.

Thinking I once held the sweetest cup of life between my hands,
How can drinking it now, taste so bitter?
The pain begins with the burn on my lips,
As I feel its poison enrich my veins.

Is it wrong to hold on? To wish, to dream?
Tell me if I should embrace hope, as if it were to change time?
There’s a fine line between wanting, longing and pure blindness
Loosing the will to see beyond, to live beyond the trees of darkness,
Which once were planted deep within, only now show their evil,
How can one think? When all it seems I can do is feel?
Feel the pain of a burning candle, and the life of a new born tear.

Moving on is not a phase nor a time, it’s a journey,
Of remembrance, reflection and realisation of reality,
Life moves on, and it hits as hard as a wall of bricks,
When you become the subject, that all move on from.


Blogger Hajar said...

Beautiful and tragic; "...the life of a newborn tear," that's an amazing image.

1:11 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, i just want to say that i find your blog very inspriational. And i also think your very very talented, and i look forward to your future poems.
Hassain x

9:43 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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2:48 pm  
Blogger Little Penguin said...

I think there's a fine line between reflection and pure non-sense.. this is reflection.. other similar writing is pure non-sense..

The fact that we hold something so dearly, even if we were forced to lose it, is an adequate reason to let go and 'move on'.. if it gets a bit problematic, just google Orlando Bloom and all will be fine.. trust me.. oh, and a bit of comfort food!

Good Poem, need to re-read it a number of times to fully get around it..

10:19 pm  
Blogger Sincerity said...

Wow, thanks all... I wasn’t expecting such nice responses...it was one of those pieces you just jot down on a piece of paper due to frustration, but one that comes from the heart :)...

As for lil’ p. !!! loooool you know you don’t have to get so personal! But I guess only you know the true secrets to my soul :p thanks, I guess I will take your advice to help with future moving on processes :p I never throw away a chance to Google Orlando bloom :p

1:12 am  

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