Monday, December 04, 2006

Like a Star

Just like a star,
You fly across my sky,
So near but far,
I can’t even say goodbye.

The beat-less song of the night
Resembles that of my heart,
Stay awake and stay loving,
Knowing I’m falling apart.

I see a shine in the heavens
Sparkle between the tears in my eyes,
To make a wish, make a dream
Before the light of the night dies.

Keeping you alive in my fairytale
Wishing your safe return,
Until that time, this tale
Will inside me forever burn.

So look down to the earth
Whisper in a silent voice,
As you pass me by,
I know you’ve no choice.

Destinies wish, is our way
I’ll be forever under the stars,
And in the night’s breeze we’ll sway,
Until our way, is destinies wish.

Just like a star,
You fly across my sky,
So near but far,
I can’t even say goodbye.


Blogger Little Penguin said...

You can't really see the stars in London. the night is always blood-shot red..

You're very good at giving a voiceless entity not only life and a voice but, more significantly, an authority of some sort.

"look down", "i know".. see, argument backed up with evidence!


3:34 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It’s great to have you blogging once again! I must point out; you were missed during your long break. Anyway, about the poem, I thought it was great! Very well pictured and written in an even better way. It got me close to tears, reminds me of my ‘dearest and nearest’ that I’ve lost, unfortunately.
I can’t exactly keep going with this comment there’s nothing to argue about, but I just wanted to give you a boost and tell you to keep coming with the poems, personally I think there awesome! You truly have a talent so bring it out more often sunshine!

11:02 pm  
Blogger Sincerity said...

aww thanks guys :) much appreciated .. keeps me goin' :D .. i know i havnt posted in a while....ok a long while, but iv just been busy with "uni"..its hard to be creative when you've been bombarded with organic chemistry all week, waking up to the sound of cell biology and falling asleep being half suffocated with a huge pharmaceutical calculations book on your face.... annnyyywayyy cant complain, its nice to be glad to see lil' penguin posting too :) i hope you keep it up and inshallah things will look up soon :) ... hopefully i'll be writing much more often from now on ...:D

11:10 pm  
Blogger ali said...

nice that poem really made me think of my life in present it was enjoyable and well put.your cousin and comment on my poem please

11:04 pm  

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