Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Budding love

I writ your name on every flower, on every leaf of every tree,
With hope that one day as they blossomed
Your love would do the same for me,

So while I waited, frustrated remembered I a crucial fact,
Tends to take her time does mother nature
But my tender heart patience lacked,

So pleaded I for days and days, until the days turned into weeks,
Don’t torture me on the hands of time
Plant seeds of love in who my heart seeks,

And true it was, finally as any wish come true can be,
Our love did sprout and with us grew
But yet so fast I did not see,

With my spell cast, our good times past summer spring and autumn too,
And withered we like the fruits of June
In winter’s presence, you were not due.

Beautiful is everything that comes in its time,
As is a word ending a sentence carrying a rhyme,
Matters of the heart, you should not haste,
Or else life’s rich sweetness, bitter will taste.


Blogger Little Penguin said...


you've been working on this for 4 months?.. The beginning sounds like Emily Dickinson..

I agree with what you said.. should a couple's love fail to blossom, the sweetness of life will become bitter... I think that everyone of us has not only an urge, but a necessity, to share his life with someone he/she values above all.. be it a happy moment, a line of verse, a last-gasp football goal.. whatever.. once it's shared, I believe it's perfected the moment.. and if this need is adequately reciprocated then we have love at is best :)

beautiful poem..


1:59 pm  
Blogger Sincerity said...

lol its been 3 months not 4! and no, this poem took 2days to write! well, 2 days and 1 night, i woke up in the middle of the night with the idea of rearranging the last stanza to better suit the poem and writ it :S mkhabla mu? thankyou anyway, im really glad you liked it..

Ps: Emily Dickinson? Wow, huge compliment :)

12:47 pm  
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With peace,

8:25 pm  
Blogger Swan said...

I hope you don't mind an off-topic comment, but I think this is important:

Re: the Iraq war in general

(also see this post)

Ever since the months prior to the 2003 invasion of Iraq, there have been a few reports in the newspapers that the Central Intelligence Agency was casting aspersions on the intelligence the White House was relying on to justify the war. The CIA has never given a position on whether the war is needed or justified or said that Bush is wrong to go to war. But doesn't it seem much more likely that the CIA is an extremely right wing organization than a left wing one? After all, even if the people working for them and at least a lot of the leadership really wanted a war for their own reasons, there are a lot of reasons for them to not want to tie their credibility to what they know is faulty information. They and their personnel, present and former, could use other means of promoting the Iraq war, and still be motivated to make the statements in the media. If the CIA got behind faulty information, they would have to make a choice between whether they would be involved in scamming the American people and the world once the military had invaded Iraq and no weapons were found- so: 1) Imagine the incredible difficulties involved in pulling off a hoax that weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq. Imagine all the people you would have to be able to show the weapons to- the inspectors from the UN / the international community, the American press, statesmen, etc. Then imagine the difficulties of substantiating that story to people who would examine it- the lack of witnesses to a production plant that made the weapons or to transportation operations or storage of the weapons during Hussein's regime of them. 2) If the story fell apart upon inspection or the CIA tried not to hoax it at all, imagine the loss of credibility they would suffer. The CIA, it is safe to bet, does not want to be known to the American people as a group that lies to them to send them to war. Even within the CIA there could be disagreement among people about how involved they should be in promoting the war or the neo-con agenda more broadly, so the CIA would have to worry about lying to and managing its own people after trying so hard to get them to trust their superiors in the agency, and perhaps there simply might be too many people in the agency who knew enough about what was going on in Iraq to know if someone was deceiving people to promote this war.

So there is a lot of reason to be cautious against being seen as endorsing what they knew was false intelligence even if they were very strong supporters of going to war.

5:30 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thought the poem was really nice.


2:14 pm  
Blogger Saroora said...


nice poem. i reallyy like the title, budding love. and little penguin, i know emily dickinson! we're doing here poem in school.

nice poem. i like the usage of words and everything! i hope u write another poem real soon.

c ya

11:30 pm  

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