Monday, October 02, 2006

Inspired by Z ;)

Lost in the city

Where to go,
When there’s no where to hide?
Every crack in this city,
Has a secret inside.

Streets roaming with rats,
At the newcomer they stare,
It’s a dog eat dog world,
‘coz life is unfair.

Raw darkness, bitter cold,
Struggling through rain,
But when it all comes down,
There’s no gain without pain.

You got to make you own way,
Carve your own name,
At the end of the day,
It’s how you play your own game.

Don’t let them put you down,
Fight till the end,
It’s just the beginning,
Get through the first bend.

Feeling small in the city,
It’s all in the mind,
Soon enough you’ll be king,
Just got to know what to find.

Your path has always been set,
You weren’t born in a maze,
But don’t change to adapt,
Just adapt to this phase.