Saturday, December 30, 2006

A few words,

Hanged. Using the same rope he used to fulfill his darkest desires, acts of evil he falsely caramelized with the sweetness of justice. The butcher of Baghdad finally seen taste the agony, the slow fearful walk up to the gallows, feel the rope brush past his face before holding a merciless grip on his fate, just as he held a merciless grip on a people, a people shaken by 35 years of dictatorship, endure a feeling of humiliation he fed to the oppressed, many before him. And once gone, leaving behind the sweet smell of true justice to fill the streets of Iraq.

I thought this day only existed in my dreams, a dream I share with far too many. But how many people can actually say, their dreams have come true? A day awaited by sincere Iraqis for too long a time, came. Came today bringing along with it a wave of pure delight and bitter filled revenge.

Many people say this will only encourage the "Sunni supporters", supporters of his previous regime, to retaliate with brutal force, causing further division and devastation in Iraq, and others say this act will finally return the silent nights to Baghdad. As for me, I'm just glad his corps is left to rot in the trashcan of history, that can only be a good thing for the future of Iraq.

I am not ignorant of the circumstances of these actions, nor do i wallow in the shortsightedness of most. I just choose to enjoy the moment...while it lasts.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Like a Star

Just like a star,
You fly across my sky,
So near but far,
I can’t even say goodbye.

The beat-less song of the night
Resembles that of my heart,
Stay awake and stay loving,
Knowing I’m falling apart.

I see a shine in the heavens
Sparkle between the tears in my eyes,
To make a wish, make a dream
Before the light of the night dies.

Keeping you alive in my fairytale
Wishing your safe return,
Until that time, this tale
Will inside me forever burn.

So look down to the earth
Whisper in a silent voice,
As you pass me by,
I know you’ve no choice.

Destinies wish, is our way
I’ll be forever under the stars,
And in the night’s breeze we’ll sway,
Until our way, is destinies wish.

Just like a star,
You fly across my sky,
So near but far,
I can’t even say goodbye.