Sunday, October 05, 2008

Just for fun..

This poem is for all those people who have made me feel ARGH! at one point in our friendship or another. Usually its those closest to know who you are! ;) and sometimes it's just random people we have to face during the course of the day. Having said that I know I probably make you feel ARGH! sometimes too :)


You make me want to pull my hair,
Grit my teeth and punch the air,
Laugh out loud with utter rage,
Rip up my books page by page,
Give up on all humanity,
Pray for early mortality,
Throw away my phone, a mile,
Keep the therapist on speed dial,
Slam shut the laptop everyday,
You make me speechless...what can I say?

You make me want to overdose!
You make me want to break the law!
You make me want to count to ten!
You make me want to call the Doc!
You make me want to pull out my teeth!
You make me want to over-eat!
You make me want to break the harmony..
That makes up our society!

I sometimes hate who I am, when I'm with you,
After all that you have put me through,
Im not entierly surprised,
Infact, I cant believe that I survived!

(Okay...okay it is abit over lol...You know I love you all really!! Dont deny you were thinking of at least one person while reading?!)

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

(Thanks to M, for the introduction, and "tweaking" of the poem)

The sands of time trickle through my fingers despite my most arduous efforts and ambitious attempts at slowing them down and remaining in a state of stillness. By the time you finish reading this sentence, you have forever lost a few seconds of your time - they are never to be lived again.

I cannot but feel a little miserable about this and, I am sure, many out there share my slightly over-romantic sentiments.

Helpless, I continue to live with the knowledge that I am no longer who I was a moment ago. I will always be somewhere different to where I was before I blinked. Nevertheless, I take solace in the vast, unadulterated universe that I can travel to anytime I like by simply delving deep into my own thoughts. There, I find a depressing amount of unsigned letters, unfinished poems and ultimately an incomplete life. But who is to say I want to finish it? If I had the power, I would erase a line or two in hope of re-living a scene in the life that is unquestionably mine!

Unfortunately, a hefty weight labelled 'physics and biology' brings me crashing down to earth. It is then that I decide to succumb to the biggest universal truth, and keep afloat amidst the torrent of life.

A monologue of memories.

I wish i was seventeen again,
Oh how I wish i was seventeen.
The days seemed much brighter then,
And the grass was forever green.

I wish i could return again,
To the days the world was mine.
Fearless, I would stroll through rain,
Joy through my spirit would shine.

I wish you would take me back,
To when I walked with a certain air.
Uncertainty my heart did lack,
From this torture it was bare.

So tell me now, what has become,
Of the girl I used to be?
I want her to come back again,
To live inside of me.

I know the years, they have been few,
But when I reminisce,
One hundred years, they have been due,
Waiting for love’s true kiss.

I wish i was seventeen again,
O how I wish I was seventeen.